Thursday, March 3, 2011

I participated in a group firing for Tidewater's bowls. My friend Joel Blum, took pictures of a few items.
I'm learning SO much, it was fun to experiment, and find a few methods I want to explore more. :)
This cup is my favorite. I used playground sand and had a fun surprise with what it did at cone 10. I knew it had iron, but I wasn't sure how much would melt, or what would happen. It is fun to hold, not as "sandy" as I expected, and I love disturbed rims. Going to do more with this for sure...

I have a little too much fun with my kid's bouncy balls as molds, and found object stamps...

Playing around with a mix of high-fire mason stains and underglazes, with wax over the flowers and dipped in simple white.

lots of learning...

the more I learn, the more I realize I'm such a beginner...but with passion!
*practice practice!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adventures in bisque during school break...

I'm still trying to find "my style", and throwing bowls for Tidewater Gallery's Souper Supper has been a good motivation to get focused practice time in.

This was a good mishap, since it gave me a chance to check my walls. :) This one was a rice-bowl with chopstick notches. Those are always fun to eat out of...

For a while I was worried about consistent wall thickness, now I think I need to concentrate on the base, and letting the rim keep a bit more thickness to avoid chipping.

After 4 weeks of practice, this is what I settled on. (I need a scale so I can keep the balls of clay the same size though) I was not only experimenting on shapes, but on my signature, and I think I came up with a version I like enough to make a stamp out of. :)
*risky drying before loading the kiln...*

This is a fun new addition to my studio. On a lego-night while I was working, Jade brought out her leg0-impression of ME! I love it so much, and it goes well next to my dad's tiny welded-"Tara"-sculpture.

More TrOUT cups for the Steelhead Festival.

AAAAND my big mishap... I fired some work for a classmate, and 3 of his sculptures exploded...badly. Bisque crumbs are tucked all over in the elements. :( I'm waiting for him to come over and clean it himself. *sigh*

Unfortunately, his explosions his some of Jade's animal sculptures which are now missing a few legs and ears. Thankfully she and I have been discussing the issue of "non-attachment" for an artist, so no tears, she will just make them again. :)
It's always a learning process... I'm happy with what came out so far, now to glaze!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The kids have had fun this week hanging out with me in the studio while I get bowls made for Tidewater Gallery's annual "Souper Supper" Event. And of course more "TrOUT" items for the Steelhead festival.
I'm experimenting with silica sand... not sure if it's going to be a happy experiment or what...

Busy, busy, but I'm enjoying it. The semester starts next week, so this is my big push on wheel work for a little while. I'm getting lots of practice which has been SO helpful, and it's fun to try out new forms, or in these last few pics, variations on surface decoration will come later. :)

Happy January 2011!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lodi Art Center Holiday Sale

My phone doesn't take good pics, but this is my set up mid-sale. (I forgot to snag a shot at the beginning before selling stuff)

15" platter.

my first Tandori. I want to get some flameware clay to make the base so I can use it for stovetop cooking as well.

Experimental mugs. (I had some glaze issues), but I like the shapes. (there were not in the sale, they are just for my learning)

Salt domes. Half were made with larger holes for sea salt, and they are fun to use.

One of Jade's bowls...

The next two yunomi are my favorites. And fortunately, they were "traded" with two wonderful artists who I know appreciate that they are the workings of a talented 13 yr old. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Upcoming experiements...

it's a play on "PB&J", which is ONE of the greatest combinations ever discovered. My daughter Jade and I are working together on some cute collaborations.
She is the painter, I am the potter... it's going to be wild to see what a 13yr old silly artist comes up with on these "blank canvases"...

Monday, November 15, 2010

random bookmarks

I made a few "Delta Mustang" bookmarks for the baseball team to put in their auction baskets and one of my girlfriends chose some funky "tara beads" for her "waving or high-five sista" bookmark.

Cup Study

I made a few yunomi for the Steelhead Festival, but was sad to see half had s-cracks. I wet them down, sliced 'em in half, to see what the issue was. These are the ones that died and were dissected for the sake of advance knowledge...

I didn't realize I had a tendency to leave the base so thick! I'm glad these didn't survive. I'm not posting pics of all the cuts, but these next two show the trend... I'm happy with the wall thickness, but the floor needs attention...

I have picked up a few tips since making these, and I just need more practice to make sure I've got the new standard down. Happy learning mistakes!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Messin' around testing glaze interactions

I overlapped different class glazes to see what effects I could get. These are the ones I like.

*the tripod was not level. Even though my pots are imperfect, they are not quite as lopsided as the photos make them. I'm learning...
These are Eddie's favorites. He likes to drink his soy milk in "momma's dot cups".

I kind of like how this bowl turned out. I'm learning to mix my own glazes, but when I'm too lazy to do that, I think I'll explore this combo.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

recent greenware

I have had fun using my kid's bouncy balls as forms for different size bowls.

Experimenting with different shapes and forms for bowls, mugs, tea cups

A BIG coffee mug for my tall uncle. *he is an electrical engineer and wired my kiln for me. :)

My little corner of heaven, before my dad put up a handy-dandy "tool-holder"...

my testers from class
My first surviving mug, the others gave way to being casualties of living in a neighborhood full of kids. (sometimes, the only time I have to work, is when my kids are outside playing, then OTHER kids want to come watch, and like to poke clay) I am more careful now.

A wacky twisted mug for a goofy boyfriend... unfortunately these pictures are all I have.
This time, it was my DAD who couldn't resist "picking up" shown mug, not understanding it was still in it's greenware state.
I'm actually glad it didn't survive. I wasn't crazy about the shape or handle placement, but I love the handle itself.
I'm going to play with the handle concept a little more...
a few more "bouncy ball bowls"

I'm trying to fill my kiln soon so I can get these guys fired!
I'm also working on bookmarks for a sale in Lodi, I need more time in the day!