Thursday, March 3, 2011

I participated in a group firing for Tidewater's bowls. My friend Joel Blum, took pictures of a few items.
I'm learning SO much, it was fun to experiment, and find a few methods I want to explore more. :)
This cup is my favorite. I used playground sand and had a fun surprise with what it did at cone 10. I knew it had iron, but I wasn't sure how much would melt, or what would happen. It is fun to hold, not as "sandy" as I expected, and I love disturbed rims. Going to do more with this for sure...

I have a little too much fun with my kid's bouncy balls as molds, and found object stamps...

Playing around with a mix of high-fire mason stains and underglazes, with wax over the flowers and dipped in simple white.

lots of learning...

the more I learn, the more I realize I'm such a beginner...but with passion!
*practice practice!

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